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Precious Metals Xchange Group has 20 years experience in the gold and precious metals trade. We are the preferred smelting facility in South Florida due to our location and fastest turnaround in the industry. We are also amongst the top smelters and preferred smelting facilities for customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are buyers, sellers, recyclers, and smelters of gold, silver, platinum, all precious metals and scrap including palladium and rhodium.
If you are a gold dealer, broker, own pawn shops or jewelry stores, this is the place to come… We will give you the most value for your gold in the shortest amount of time with the fastest advance and payoffs!!! making us the right smelter to sell any amount of precious metals in scrap or the like.
Our Services
Buy and sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium
Precious Metals Smelting services

Precious Metals Xchange Group, Inc. makes every effort to offer the best customer service to the Precious Metals Business; therefore, we exclusively work with wholesalers and companies related to this business.

Our Commitment
At Precious Metals Xchange Group we know the Gold and Precious Metals business, and how important cash flow can be for you; therefore, we put our best effort to offer our clientele the fastest turnaround in the area. We are committed to receive your Precious Metals and pay you market price in the shortest amount of time!
Our Compliance Program
Financial crimes are on the rise! You cannot trust anybody with your valuable products! Precious Metals Xchange Group works very close with Federal Government agencies, and appoints consultants with experience in the field in order to maintain the highest level of regulatory protection that translates into protection for your business and your valuable goods. Our clientele enjoy the safety and peace of mind working with a business partner with the most aggressive and dynamic Anti Money Laundering Program in our industry.

Precious Metals Xchange Group offers its clients a safe and friendly environment and transports valuables using only armored vehicles.

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